The Carne family were a lower class family from Cornwall, who became part of the upper class Poldark family of Nampara through the marriage of Demelza Poldark to Ross Poldark.


Tom Carne was in 1740 and married Demelza Lyon (born 1752) by 1770 when they had a daughter, Demelza. They later had two other children, Samuel Carne in 1772 and Drake Carne in 1776. Demelza Lyon passed away in 1777.

Tom later married again, but he was an abusive drunk for many years. He eventually drove Demelza away when she was given the chance to become a kitchen maid at Nampara for Ross Poldark. Tom was unhappy with her job and accused Ross of seducing Demelza, which was untrue. However, Ross and Demelza eventually fell in love and married, elevating a branch of the Carne family from lower to upper class.

Sam and Drake eventually joined Demelza in 1794, the same year that Tom passed away. They both became miners at Ross's mine in Nampara. In 1799, Drake Carne married Morwenna in Cornwall.

Family members

Tom Carne
1750 - 1794
Demelza Lyon
1752 - 1777
Demelza Carne
1770 -
Ross Poldark
1760 -
Sam Carne
1772 -
Drake Carne
1776 -
Morwenna Carne

Behind the scenes

  • In the Poldark books, Demelza had six younger brothers including Drake and Sam. However, in the 2015 TV show, she only had the two younger brothers.

Notes and sources