The Chynoweth Family were a promient upper class family from Cornwall.


In 1710 and 1712, Jonathan Chynoweth of Cusgarne and his wife, Anna Tregear had two children, Jonathan Chynoweth and Robert Chynoweth. They died in 1750 and 1760.[1]

Jonathan Chynoweth II and his wife Elizabeth Lanyon also had a child they named Jonathan, while Robert and his wife Ursula Venning had their only child Hubert Chynoweth in 1750.[1]

Jonathan Chynoweth III and Joan Le Grice had one child, a daughter named Elizabeth Chynoweth. Elizabeth and her first husband, Francis Poldark of Trenwith, had one child, Geoffrey Charles Poldark. Francis died in 1792, leaving Elizabeth a widower. She later remarried to George Warleggan. Her second child, Valentine Warleggan, was born in 1794, eight months after she married George. She claimed she fell, but the child's real father is believed to be Ross Poldark.[1]

Hubert and Amelia had four daughters, Morwenna, Garlanda, Carenza and Rowella Chynoweth. Morwenna became a governesss to Geoffrey Charles at Trenwith.[1]

Family Tree

Jonathan Chynoweth
1690 - 1750
Anna Tregear
1693 - 1760
Jonathan Chynoweth
1712 - 1750
Elizabeth Lanyon
1715 - 1750
Robert Chynoweth
1712 - 1750
Ursula Venning
1720 - 1788
Jonathan Chynoweth
1737 -
Joan Le Grice
1730 -
Hubert Chynoweth
1750 - 1793
Amelia Tregellas
1751 -
Francis Poldark
1760 - 1792
Elizabeth Chynoweth
1764 -
George Warleggan
1759 -
Morwenna Chynoweth
1776 -
Garlanda Chynoweth
1778 -
Carenza Chynoweth
1780 -
Rowella Chynoweth
1781 -
Geoffrey Charles Poldark
1784 -
Valentine Warleggan
1794 -

Notes and References

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