Morwenna Chynoweth: " Love has to go on, or it has to stop."
Drake: " You can't stop it no more than you can stop the tides."
— Drake and Morwenna speaking about love.

Drake Carne was one of the younger brothers of Demelza Poldark who moved to Cornwall in 1794.

Early Life

Drake was the younger brother of Demelza Carne and Sam Carne. Their father, Tom, was once a drunk who used to hit his sister. Demelza would later leave home, while Drake stayed with Tom.

Move to Nampara

Following the death of their father, with whom Drake stayed with until he passed away, he moved to Nampara to stay with Demelza and her family, Ross and Jeremy Poldark.

He met Morwenna Chynoweth in Trenwith, and they fell in love. He brought her flowers. However, he was later asked by Ross to favour him by staying away from Trenwith since his enemy, George Warleggan, moved there.

Now Morwenna Chynoweth has been asked to Wed a man she does not love which Drake does not yet know. They secretly meet, and kiss, which is considered sinful. Demelza Poldark told Morwenna not to break Drakes heart due to their stations in society.

Behind the Scenes

Notes and References

  1. See this image
  2. Filming started for Poldark Series Three by BBC website

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