Jeremy Poldark is the second child of Ross Poldark and Demelza Poldark.


Jeremy was born at Nampara in 1791. He has an elder sister, Julia Poldark, who died the year before he was born. Ross Poldark took some time to accept the idea of another child since he was grieving for his daughter and thought it was too soon.

In time, he accepted Jeremy. He had a close bond with his mother who he spent a lot of time with. She relied on Jeremy when his father became distant for some time.

He was often cared for by Jud and Prudie Paynter when his parents were away. In 1794, he accompanied his mother to the beach, where they looked into the ocean and wondered when Ross would return home from his search for Dwight Enys.

Jeremy was later joined by his younger sister, Clowance Poldark and attended her christening. They later celebrated their first christmas together.

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