Joshua Poldark (1724 - 1783) was the Master of Nampara and the father of Ross Poldark.[1]


Joshua Poldark younger brother of Charles Poldark and the nephew of Agatha Poldark. At some point, he either inherited or bought Nampara House, it's land and it's mines. He would go on to marry and have a child, Ross Poldark in 1760.[1]


Ross Poldark visiting Joshua's grave in September 1783

In 1780, Ross Poldark joined the army and fought in the Revolutionary War. They would never see each other again. In March 1783, Joshua died.[2] At some point, people thought his son had also died, but six months later he came home. By then, Joshua's wife had also died. He was thought to be a scoundrel and libertine by the locals and he left his affairs in a state. Ross would later visit his father's grave.[3]

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