Morwenna Chynoweth was the governess of Geoffrey Charles Poldark who moved to Trenwith in 1794.

Move to Cornwall

In 1794, Morwenna was asked to teach Geoffrey Charles Poldark by her cousin, Elizabeth Warleggan. Morwenna accepted and moved to Trenwith.

Morwenna moved to Trenwith and met Demelza Poldarks brother Drake Carn . They fell in love instantly and meet up in secret with Geoffrey Charles Poldark .

Recently George Warleggan thought as a punishment for taking Geoffrey Charles Poldark to Clowance Poldarks christening he is sending her off to marry a Mr. Whitworth, the son of a Golodolphin.

Morwenna has expressed her hatred and disgust to the match. But only she has not told Drake Carne the news yet. They have met up and kissed, which is considered sinful and she would be cast out of any family riches.

Geoffrey charles and Morwenna have been entertained by watching the toads that Drake Carne has put in George Warleggan pond annoy him. As to Drakes surprise Ross Poldark had already played a toad trick on him at school as George would not accept that his grandfather was a blacksmith and unstinting he wanted nothing to do with the man which Ross and Francis Poldark found absurd. But the drastic consequences is that George and Elizabeth find out Drake put them in the pond and that he and Morwenna are in love.

Just when Morwenna thinks she can marry Drake George puts him on trial as a capital offence 'stealing' a Bible which Geoffrey charles offered as a gift. Morwenna was forced to marry Mr. Whitworth as George threatened her by saying if u don't marry him then Drake will hang. It ends with Drake, Demelza Poldark and Ross Poldark running to church to stop it but they are already married.

Behind the Scenes

Notes and References

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