Mrs Chynoweth was the mother of Elizabeth Warleggan and the grandmother of Geoffrey Charles Poldark and Valentine Warleggan.


Mrs Chynoweth had her only daughter, Elizabeth Chynoweth, in 1764.[1] Her husband died some point before 1783. They were an upper class family.

Mrs Chynoweth was very happy about the engagement of her daughter to Francis Poldark, and tried to persuade Elizabeth to forget Ross Poldark when he returned from the Revolutinary War. She was present when her daugher married Francis, and happy at the birth of her grandson, Geoffrey Charles, in 1784.

In around 1793, she had a stroke which left her in need of support. Her daughter's husband had since died and left her in debt. Elizabeth struggled to pay for her care. She received financial help from George Warleggan, who she later married.

Behind the Scenes

  • Her full name is never given in the TV show, but it is likely Joan Le Grice as given in the books by Winston Graham.[1]
  • Her husband never appears in the show and is thought to have died some years earlier. However, in the books, he is more promient and a date of death is never given.[1]

Notes and references

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