Nampara House is the home of the Poldark family owned by Ross Poldark. It is located in Nampara, Cornwall.


The earliest known owner of Nampara House was Joshua Poldark, who lived there with son, Ross Poldark. At some point, Jud and Prudie Paynter became servants of the house.

Joshua died in March 1783. Ross Poldark was also thought to have died, but he came home later that same year. Nampara House was left in a mess, with Jud and Prudie having decided to live there. Ross told them to clean it up, and eventually decided to stay there.

Ross later married Demelza Carne, who he had took on as a scullery maid for the house. They had their first child, Julia Poldark, at Nampara House, where she died when she was about two years old. Their second child, Jeremy Poldark, was later born there too.

Behind the Scenes

  • Nampara House is filmed in Bodmin Moor by St Breward in Cornwall.[1]

Notes and References

  1. BBC website - Poldark's Cornwall locations

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