Welcome to the Poldark Wiki

Welcome to the Poldark Wiki. We’re a collaborative website about the 2015 BBC adaptation of Poldark. I hope you enjoy your stay!


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The Poldark Wiki reveals the latest plot details so read at your own will!

The editors at the Poldark Wiki would also like to take a moment to remind you that if you decide to edit/add something to this Wiki, then please make sure what you are adding is true and appropiate.

We also would like to remind you that the Wiki is not just about the books, but about the latest adaptation by the BBC. We only update each page once the latest episode has aired. You may only add things from the book to biographies and so on when it does not contradict anything from the show. When it does, put it in Behind the Scenes which is on every page! There are also pages devoted to only the books and characters that only appear in them.

We take pride in our content being 100% correct and with proper grammar, so please respect the Wiki and the Rules! Thank you!

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