Welcome to the Community Portal!

You can help build the Wikia into the place for Poldark info! You may add new pages, images, information (but they have to suit the Rules) and discuss the show. The portal is also a place to come up new ideas and work together to decide how to make the Wikia better. So why not make an account, and help out?


Please go here to find and start discussions on how we could make the Wikia better. Anything about specific pages should be discussed on the talk page of that article.


At the moment, the Wikia Rules state that every article should be written as though it actually happened but should only be updated once every episode has aired in the UK. You may also update pages when the BBC releases new information for upcoming episodes.

They need to be written in the same way it happened on the show, and so should not include anything from the books unless it happened the same way on screen. You may mention any changes under the Behind the Scenes section on each page. Remember to keep everything in past tense.

The only time the line between books and the show may be thinner, is when it comes to the timeline. One of the things the show seems to stay exactly the same with, is the timeline so dates of births and deaths may be added from the book should it not contradict the show.

With family members, please keep ones not mentioned in the show from the infoboxes. They may go on the family pages. The infoboxes should have members of the family put in this order -

Parents, Step-Parents, Siblings/Half Siblings/Step Siblings, Wife/Husband, Children, Step Children, Aunts/Uncles, Cousins

Please don't put any in-laws on them. They may be found by going to the relatives pages. I want to keep things in a way where they won't take up too much space on the page.

Thank you!

To Do List

You will find a list of Wanted Pages, pages that need Categories and pages without links by going through here. We would also love if you could go through pages and read them to ensure they make sense and have no spelling mistakes.

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