Series Three of Poldark premiered on 11 June 2017. It is based on the next two novels in the series, The Black Moon and half of The Four Swans.[1]


On 6 July 2016, before the second series had started, the BBC announced there would be a third series. Filming began in September 2016.[2] On 6 November 2016, the BBC released the first teaser trailer for the series following the finale of series two.

Even though the series has always adapted events in nearly the exact the same way they happened in the books, Poldark started to drift away from them at the end of series two and Horsfield stated that it will keep doing so, especially in the case of Demelza Poldark.[3]

Horsfield stated that even though Demelza's character starts to take a step back from the main plot in the books, and begin to stay at home to care for her children, she feels that Demelza is too fiesty. The producers have decided that she needs to stay a main character, as she has always been the character that most modern viewers have identified with, saying that "she says what she thinks, her opinions aren't what society thinks they should be but her own, which I think is a very modern concept."[3] Horsfield also announced that the series would only adapt the fifth book and half of the sixth book, instead of adapting both of them entirely, because the books have more material and they don't want to have to hurry to put everything together.[1]


Set in 1794, the series deals with the arrival of a new family, new romance, new battles and the French Revolution bringing a shadow to Cornwall.[1]



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