Series Two of Poldark premiered on 4 September 2016. It was based on the next two novels in the series, 'Jeremy Poldark' and 'Warleggan'.


Set from 1790 to 1793, there is riot and revolution in the air. Ross Poldark must fight for his freedom when George Warleggan tries to have him hanged as a revolutionary.

Ross Poldark stands trial for murder and wrecking. Demelza Poldark and Elizabeth Poldark try to get support for him, with Demelza looking to Ray Penvenen and Elizabeth looking to George Warleggan, Ross' arch-rival.

Ross eventually gets cleared. However, he faces financial ruin when his debt is demanded. The Warleggans have brought a share in Wheal Leisure meaning they now have a say in the running of it. The mine is not doing well - it is making very little profit and they haven't found much copper. Ross thinks they should make a exploratory tunnel to find them but that would mean hiring more people.

Ross and Demelza have to take out a loan to pay their debt which means they have to sell some of their possessions. They attend a party in Trenwith where old feelings between Ross and Elizabeth return.

Elsewhere, Ray Penvenen's heiress niece, Caroline Penvenen falls in love with Dwight Enys. Francis and Ross repair their friendship, while George starts to get close to Elizabeth.

To try and escape the clutches of the Warleggans, Ross sells his shares in Wheal Leisure and opens a new mine with Francis, Wheal Grace. Verity tries to get close to Captain Blamey's children and she and Francis begin to reconcile. Demelza tries to find her own food in light of the family's financial issues and gives birth to the couple's second child, Jeremy Poldark.

However, George Warleggan eventually demands Ross pay his debt, and with the death of Francis Poldark, things look dire. Elizabeth looks to Ross for help and comfort, while George tries to get closer to her to propose marriage. Fortunately, Caroline Penvenen becomes their secret benefactor to save them, to George's dismay while Ross also becomes a secret benefactor for Elizabeth.

Ross joins a smuggling trip to Demelza's dismay, to meet Mark Daniel. The trip proves to be disappointing and on their return, the army attempt to arrest them. An informer had been betraying Wheal Grace and when Dwight finds out who, he is nearly killed. Dwight had agreed to elope with Caroline due to Ray's objection to their relationship. Realising Ross will be arrested, he helps warn them but is found out himself. Caroline leaves while Ross and Dwight stand trial for smuggling. However, with very little evidence, they go free.

A new tin lode give Ross new hope for Wheal Grace but when Elizabeth looks to George following her mother's stroke, she agrees to marry him which upsets Ross and they sleep together. Demelza is hurt and looks to Captain McNeil for comfort while George and Elizabeth marry. Wheal Grace may be closed for good, while Dwight enlists in the navy. Ross think about rejoining the British Army while George sparks a riot.



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