Trenwith was the name of land owned by the Poldark family who lived in Trenwith House. Following the death of Francis Poldark, his son, Geoffrey Charles Poldark inherited the house which was run by his mother, Elizabeth Warleggan and her second husband, George Warleggan, until he came of age.


In 1783, Trenwith was owned by Charles Poldark. At a meal to celebrate the engagement of Francis Poldark to Elizabeth Chynoweth at Trenwith House, Ross Poldark made his way to Trenwith to reunite with his family.

In 1786, Charles Poldark died. Francis inherited Trenwith which soon fell into debt. They were saved by the creation of Wheal Grace. Demelza Poldark often walked through Trenwith to town and her home in Nampara.


In 1792, Francis Poldark died leaving Elizabeth a widower. Geoffrey Charles Poldark then inherited the land when he was very young. Elizabeth had very little money and struggled to manage the land and so she and her son became poor.

Following a number of revolutions where the lower classes marched upon homes and land owned by the gentry, Elizabeth became worried that Trenwith would be a place they would want to pick on. They remained safe.

In 1793, Elizabeth accepted the proposal of the wealthy but ambitious George Warleggan. George had fences built around Trenwith to keep people away from the land. In doing so, he upset the locals who would be frightened away should they attempt to walk on the land. They marched on Trenwith led by Jud Paynter, to Trenwith House, where George, Elizabeth, Geoffrey, Agatha Poldark and some of George's friends, had to be saved by Ross Poldark who persuaded Jud and their friends to leave them be.

In 1794, Agatha passed away in Trenwith House in the short time following Valentine Warleggan's birth in Trenwith. In 1799, Elizabeth Warleggan gave birth to Ursula Warleggan but Elizabeth passed away the next day.


Trenwith was located to the west of Cornwall. It is south of the neighbouring land of Nampara. It was a few miles from the town of St Ann's with Truro to the east of Trenwith.[1]

Behind the Scenes

  • Trenwith is filmed at Bodmin Moor, Bodmin, Cornwall while Trenwith House was filmed at Chavenage House, Gloucestershire.[2]

Notes and sources

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