The Warleggan Family were a wealthy family from Cornwall.


The Warleggans were originally poor but built their way up to the higher classes by becoming industrialists and bankers. Although regarded as an upstart by the aristocracy, they became increasingly powerful and wealthy. They were considered to be in the social class of landed gentry.

The earliest known members of the family are Luke Warleggan and his wife Bethia Kemp. They had two children, Nicholas, who was the first to reside at Cardew, and Cary Warleggan.[1]

Nicholas married Mary Lashbook in the 1750s and they had one child, George Warleggan in 1759.[1]

George was a well known and ruthless banker. He had a great rivarlry with the Poldarks, and in 1793, he became the second husband of Elizabeth Poldark (née Chynoweth) and in doing so, elevated the Warleggan family to aristocracy through their children.[1]

Family Tree

Luke Warleggan
1715 - 1800
Bethia Kemp
1715 - 1744
Mary Lashbrook
1732 -
Nicholas Warleggan
1735 - 1805
Cary Warleggan
1740 -
Matthew Sanson
d. 1790
George Warleggan
1759 -
Elizabeth Warleggan
1764 -

Notes and References

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