Wheal Grace was a mine owned by Ross Poldark. It was opened by him and the late Francis Poldark.


Wheal Grace was created by Ross and Francis Poldark to replace Wheal Leisure so they would own a mine free of influence from George Warleggan, who had brought shares in their other mine. The mine was not far from Wheal Leisure, where they believe the extra digging means there is copper nearby.

They meet with Harris Pascoe to put together the paperwork when Francis states he wants to put his shares in his son's name to keep Wheal Grace safe since he knows he owes debt to George.

Later on, they meet with their family at the ruin of Wheal Grace to celebrate their new venture.

A year later, they still haven't found copper at Wheal Grace. They need to find copper soon otherwise the mine will have to be closed. Francis decides to try and save Wheal Grace by searching for copper himself one evening. He slips and falls into water when the floor gave way, and being unable to swim, he drowns moments before Ross Poldark and other miners found him.

Unfortunately, Francis only found fool's copper, so the mine may still have to be closed should they not find copper soon.

The death of Francis left Elizabeth Poldark with very little financially. To help her, Ross decides to give her the amount that Francis had invested in Wheal Grace in their son's name. However, she wouldn't accept it so Ross sells his remaining shares in Wheal Leisure and anonymously gives the amount to Elizabeth, buying out her shares in Wheal Grace.

However, even a few months later, they still haven't found copper at Wheal Grace. Ross and the miners hope that Mark Daniel may know where to find some at Wheal Grace but he had fled Cornwall following the murder of his wife. They travel to meet with him but Mark points them to a place where they have already searched.

Behind the Scenes

  • Wheal Grace was filmed at Botallack Mine in Botallack, Cornwall, England.[1]

Notes and References

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